Megha Andraju is an avid advocate of education, community service, and teen empowerment. Megha aspires to be a motivational speaker and seeks to encourage future generations about growth mindset, confidence, self-love and build future leaders. She plans to create a non-profit focusing on teaching students about argumentative skills and literacy. Megha is official Miss CA USA Teen delegate with Miss USA system which empowers women to realize their personal , professional goals to build self-confidence.
Megha has one several leadership awards at school and has been nominated for several leadership programs and few to name are ,
NYLF- National Youth Leadership Forum and for Presidential Inauguration 2017
FederalBureau of Investigation -Los Angeles Teen Leadership Prgoram
S.O.L.E Leadership Program which is to empower teenage girls to be confident by being fit and healthy.
T.E.A.M Leadership program which involves mentoring Elementary and Middle school kids in their academics and building confidence.

Megha Andraju