Meet Megha

Megha Verma Andraju lives in Irvine , California though often fantasizes about being born in Austin , Texas. Megha’s parents nicknamed her Sweetie because she is continually recognized to be the sweetest person by her teachers and friends at school and at her community services . Megha is Alumni member of National Youth Leadership program , Member of Global Eco summit-Japan , President of few leadership programs at her school and has won several leadership awards over the years .

Megha has been involved in Pageantry with numerous pageant systems and has great passion for public speaking and has won several awards in public speaking and one day aspires to be a Motivational American Speaker . Eventually she would like to use her public speaking skills as her platform to reach other young people in our country .Megha enjoys dancing , movie making , photography , blogging , travelling around the world and planning on becoming a Surgeon one day . She currently mentors elementary and middle school going kids who need help in their academics, building poise and growing confidence.

What makes Megha Different from the crowd?

Megha would like people to be familiar with her platform of STEPFORWARDWITHMEGHA.ORG and to join her mission to make the world a better place .

Megha’s Helping Hand

Megha is Founder of STEPFORWARDWITHMEGHA.ORG which is an initiative aimed to encourage youth and adults to volunteer and give back to their local communities. Megha is currently partnered with several organizations in volunteering the wide range of communities. Megha eventually wants to turn this into a non-profit organization to support all the organizations she will be volunteering for. Besides supporting her local communities Megha’s goal is to prevent and protect Mother Earth and learn about the latest environmental strategies to keep our Globe clean and environmentally friendly.